We are on holiday and during summer, I don’t feel like cooking, using pens and dishes for lunch and dinner.

Here is the solution to prepare a quick and delicious meal using the CALI@ Hot Dinner Plate.

Today’s receipt is: sweet provolone with ham and asparagus. Today we will use sweet provolone.

Ingredients/Doses for one person:

– A generous slice of sweet provolone, or caciocavallo.
– 2 thin slices of ham, 20gr each
– 6 asparagus
– grated parmesan cheese, or shred (as preferred)
– Extra virgin olive oil
– grinded black pepper

First, we have to boil the asparagus for few minutes. We can use this ceramic casserole that always works on induction, and our CALI@ heater. The casserole features a particular ceramic by French company, REVOL@.
Let’s boil the asparagus for a few minutes in salty water. They have to be soft, but not too much, as they need to be lightly crispy. Now let’s start with our recipe.
We can turn the CALI@ induction hob on, select button 3 that has duration of about 40 seconds. This allows us to brush some olive oil over the surface of the CALI@ plate.
Take A slice of sweet provolone and position it on the plate.
A beep will sign the end of cooking time. We see that after few seconds our cheese melts. Turn le provolone on the other side and time is already over. We grub a slice of ham and put it on the plate. We can take the CALI@ plate for the induction hob and garnish it with asparagus.
Add a bit of olive oil, grated parmesan cheese and grinded black pepper, if desired.

The plate is ready to be placed on the table and be tasted!


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